Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Review

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium ReviewYou might have a wide array of hairstyling tools and accessories yet your hair still looks like a mess. You shouldn’t wait until your hair is completely damaged by the wrong hairstyling tools. A good flat iron like the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium can work wonders when it comes to styling hair and at the same time prevent damage to hair or avoid worsening of its condition.

A hair styling tool does not have to cost an arm and a leg but it does need to have key features such as different settings for heat. Some of the available hair irons on the market today are equipped with heat settings which can range between 175ºF to nearly 400ºF. A hair iron for personal daily use shouldn’t have too high a setting, because regular exposure of hair to such temperatures can lead hair to becoming dry.

Know Your Hair Type Before You Buy A Hairstyling Tool

You should already know what hair type you have before you select a particular heat setting on your straight or curling iron. According to Mark Goodman a master hair care professional who owns Hilton Head’s The Hair-Designers Salon in South Carolina, the finer your hair, the lower you have to set your tool’s temperature. That doesn’t necessarily mean that those with thick or coarse hair should automatically go for the highest settings.

Working with the natural texture of your hair is better than working against it. One heat setting will not fit all hair types because they differ in a wide range. The setting for fine hair, for instance, should only be between 250ºF and 300ºF degrees. Anything higher will fry the hair or damage it. A high setting for blow drying thick hair is okay providing the hair is healthy. If it’s damaged thick hair, a medium setting will prevent hair breakage.

A titanium flat iron heats up much faster – in mere seconds, in fact – than a ceramic one, meaning its ionic charge is higher to straighten hair in much lesser time. Titanium is a lightweight, lustrous metal that has low density. Although it has a high tolerance for temperatures, it can cause hair damage if not used with caution. Because of its ideal function of high heat tolerance, titanium hair irons are more expensive.

Why the Width of a Flat Iron is Important

Flat irons have two basic shapes: the long type for straightening hair that has a thin plate and the long type, which is just as long, but with a wider plate. The former is especially helpful for straightening all types of hair, even short hair. It can also function as a hair curler wand by running hair through its clamped plates at a certain angle or clamping hair at its end and then curling it around the entire tool like a regular curling iron.

The latter is considered perfect for longer hair which can be difficult to straighten with a thinner plate. The wider plate provides better grip and allows for more hair to be ironed at one time, meaning it can help cut down the time it takes for you to do your hair styling if you happen to have very long or very thick hair.  Some hair irons, for instance, have 5-inch plates that can straighten larger sections of your hair.

Why A Titanium-Plated Flat Iron is the Only Tool Worth Buying

A flat iron with a titanium plate is considered to be the only hairstyling tool worth buying by most professional hairstylists. No other kind of metal will achieve the same quality of flatness which titanium can muster; the rest of the materials from which other flat irons are made can pull and snag at your hair. A titanium plate gives you the same shiny, smooth, and silky hair that a ceramic plate can.

If you are currently on the lookout for a definitive flat iron, Babyliss Pro Flat Iron would be a good starter. Babyliss specializes in flat irons that won’t damage your hair. You can’t go wrong with Babyliss whether you want a hair iron that answers to the features of a simple baseline model or a hair styling tool that has several frills which can easily provide a variety of hair styles.

Titanium-based hair irons heat evenly and without the cold spots typically associated with hair irons made of other materials. Titanium also retains the heat better to allow faster hair styling.

One Tool That Can Be Used As Flat Iron and Curling Wand

One of the best flat irons available on the market today, Babyliss has been designed for use by beginners and professional hair stylists alike. You need no specialized training when using Babyliss which makes it easy to select the settings you want for your styling and hair type needs. African-Americans who have tried using Babyliss highly recommend it for its powerful ability to straighten unruly, thick, curly, and unmanageable “black hair.”

One Tool That Can Be Used As Flat Iron and Curling WandThis Babyliss comes in baby blue, black (with an imprint of a kiss), pink, silver, red, and digital version. This product is equipped with the kind of flat iron accessories that other similarly-purposed brands in its class don’t have. Its combo model has removable casing which enables you to use the tool as a flat iron at one time and as a curling wand at another time.

This flat iron weighs less than two pounds and temperature dials with a range up to 450ºF. Although the flat iron and curling wand combo is already a steal for its affordable price, this baseline Babyliss titanium iron can also be used as a crimper and curling iron. Use it as a flat iron to give coarse or curly hair texture or straighten wavy hair with the same tool. These powerful features make Babyliss flat iron a steal.

Moreover, the titanium plates have a cushioned design, are scratch-resistant and ultra-smooth to make it convenient for pressing and clamping your hair without having to worry about applying too much force or pressure on it.

Recommended by Professional Hairstylists

More professional hairstylists recommend Babyliss because of its excellent quality coupled with great price. Check out the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium in the official Babyliss website to find out why this could be the flat iron that you have been looking for. Our website also has information about other Babyliss products and an extensive directory of where the product is available for purchase.